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ents. March 2020

ilitary Commission, made an inspection tour of the scientific research work for the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic in Beijing. Xi stressed the COVID-19 research must be taken as a


major and pressing task, calling for pooling talents and resources of multiple fields under the united l

eadership and synergy, accelerating the research and development pace on the basis of adhering to science and ensuring safety, to overcome key and difficult issues in epidemic prevention and control as soon as possible to provid

  • Under the joint prevention a
  • nd control mechanism of the Stat
  • e Council, a press conferenc
  • e was held in Beijing abou
  • t the effective preventi
  • on and control in accordance w
  • ith the law of the impor
  • Vestibulum at tellus mauris
ted COVID-


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e strong scientific and technological support for winning

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the anti-epidemic war. Xis speech was published by the Q

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